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Kim-SnyderHi.  I’m Kim Snyder.

And I’m pretty passionate about voices.

Through my own journey, both personally and professionally, I’ve been amazed at how little helpful information is really readily accessible to help people make the most of their voices.

I struggled with questions for years that I later discovered other singers and talent had as well.  It’s what drove me to find the answers to creating, maintaining and getting the most from my voice.

And what I discovered in the process ultimately saved my voice when a botched surgery damaged my vocal cords and doctors told me I would never speak or sing at the same level again.

Since that time I’ve been on a mission to educate people about their voices, how they really work, how to protect them and ultimately uncover the their own ultimate voice.

That’s what drives me.  Now here’s the bullet pointy stuff:





  • Trained in Classical, Broadway Belt, and Pop/Rock methods
  • Speech Level certified instructor
  • Creator of and certified vocal instructor of The Voice Club Method: Sing better, faster
  • Vocal repair clinician & director of The Voice Club


  • Radio jock at age 15
  • Commercial VO talent at age 16
  • Various training, bootcamps, etc.
  • Trainer of Voice Talent
  • VO demo producer


  • Jingle session singer from age 15
  • Event band singer from age 16
  • Indie label artist at 21
  • Main stage worship leader for major music festivals
  • Main stage performer at the nationally televised Kansas City Plaza Lighting Ceremony



  • Radio jock for talk radio, soft rock, rock, classic rock and other stations
  • Network audio producer and talent for over 500 stations in the KLOVE & Air1 Radio networks
  • Lead actress in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries
  • Voice of the Sprint phone
  • VO clients include Hallmark, the NFL, Christian Dior, and scores of others
  • Professional voice talent

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Many ‘singing teachers’ claim to know how to get the most out of your voice but there are only a handful of instructors in the US (and less in Europe) that teaching a scientifically proven, anatomical training system reserved for high end clients and professionals.

The Voice Club is one of them.  With one exception:  We follow what our associates in the field of professional vocal coaching call the ‘stark raving mad’ plan: to get exclusive, tried and true information to as many singers and speakers as we can as cheaply as possible.

That means that while they focus on charging hundreds to thousands (seriously) per hour for private training and much more for exclusive speaking engagements to a very narrow group of people who can afford to attend, we have chosen to do the opposite: put the singer before the profit.

We have capped our private training schedule and training rates to be accessible and allow us to spend the bulk of our time and effort creating valuable resources inexpensively and most times free.

The complete Voice Club Method, derived from decades of discovery from leading vocal surgeons on how the voice best works and most rapidly repairs, also includes decades of professional performing training; live, in studio, in every major genre including worship.

No other studio in the world trains what we do, the way we do.

We put what can cost tens of thousands of dollars in vocal and performance training into an easy to use a cost effective online video training academy so more people could grow and avoid vocal damage.

We also provide low cost, live Vocal Bootcamps for churches, conferences and theater groups across the country, providing on the spot training in a live game show-like environment.  Because ‘ah-ha’ moments should be fun.

And we are always creating free resources available on the blog at The Voice and the Help My Voice Podcast, where we answer listeners questions and give them actionable advise to start seeing changes right away.

We believe that you should decide which model you prefer.  You decide if high level training should only be for those with managers or deep pockets, or for anyone who genuinely wants to learn how to protect and maximize their voice.

Our work far exceeds what our limited teaching schedule and purposeful pricing can financially support.  Instead we have chosen to see what value you place on what we do.

Please support us becoming a patron today.  Your involvement allows us to continue providing more resources, time, and the vocal knowledge that almost no one knows about that can dramatically change what you can do with your voice.

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