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Get Featured on the Podcast


I’d like to invite you to be apart of our podcast “Help My Voice” – Kim Snyder, director of The Voice Club


What is the Help My Voice Podcast about?

We’ll answer any question you ask that relates to singers, public speakers and voice talent.  If it involves your voice, I’ve probably been paid to do it and train others to do it, so ask away.

How can I get featured on the podcast?

Record a question for the podcast

We use questions you submit for the podcast. Ask anything about singing, public speaking, your voice in general or working as a voice talent.  If your question is about singing, singing something brief as an example is always preferred.  You do not need to be a working voice talent or public speaker to submit questions on those topics. Please tell us your name (at least your first name), city/country (if outside the US) you’re in, and your website if you like (optional).



How will I know if you use my recording?

If you hear it on the show – you’re on it!.  To increase the odds that your recording(s) will be featured in the podcast, here are a few tips (wink, wink):

1.  **Quality recordings count.  It’s always a good idea to listen to what you’ve recorded to see if you need to get closer (or further away) from your microphone so it’s not too loud or too quiet.  Our audio producer (a.k.a ‘me’) thanks you.

2.  Giving an example gets brownie points.  If you have a singing questions, sing something your question relates to.  Same goes for speakers and voice talent (or those who want to be).

3.  We generally get more ‘singing’ submissions than ‘speaking’ submissions.  Asking a good questions/submitting a show title on public speaking or working as a voice talent will put your submission in a smaller pond to fish in, so to speak.   Thanks for being a part of our podcast! 

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